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General cleaning of the warehouse

General cleaning of high-rise buildings, the entrance

Cleaning floor covering

Window cleaning inside

Window cleaning outside

Wiping furniture

After construction office cleaning

After the cleaning of the apartment building

After building a house cleaning

After building cleaning trade center

After construction cleaning the bar, restaurant, cafe

After building cleaning warehouse

After building cleaning high-rise building, the entrance

Carpet cleaning

Carpeting cleaning

Cleaning office chair

Cleaning office armchair

Cleaning armchair

Cleaning sofa

Facade washing stained glass

Washing facade cladding

Washing concrete facade
  • Post-construction and after repair cleaning

    Post-construction and after repair cleaning is a difficult work because it is necessary to remove all the dirt accumulated during repair (waste, dust, contamination). In the case of large areas an unqualified specialist cannot accomplish individual this task.

    "Terra Group" cleaning company will come to the rescue! Our objective is after repair areas, apartments, houses, cottages, offices cleaning. We guarantee the quality and the efficiency of the after repair cleaning services of the areas and which we bring to ideal condition.

    Post-construction cleaning is easily accomplished by our company by means of special techniques, new technologies and qualified specialists.

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