Post-construction and after repair cleaning

Post-construction and after repair cleaning services includes:

  • post-construction and after repair waste removal
  • dry cleaning of hard-surface floors
  • floor, doors and frames wet cleaning with professional chemistry
  • dry cleaning of all interior surfaces of mixed construction waste, traces spots and stains cleaning using special chemical solutions that allow removing obstinate dirt and paint, chalk, cement and other substances stains.
  • walls and ceilings cleaning
  • window cleaning (glasses, frames, sills)
  • batteries, radiators, plinth cleaning
  • floors general cleaning with professional equipment and special chemistry
  • disinfection and cleaning of sanitary areas:
    • walls, ceilings, partitions cleaning
    • toilet tanks, urinals, sinks, urns and other accessories (including plumbing) cleaning
    • mirrors and glass surfaces cleaning and polishing
    • doors and frames cleaning
    • floor cleaning
  • wet cleaning of the areas
  • furniture cleaning and polishing
  •  interior elements cleaning and polishing.

Work experience skills, the used inventory, chemicals and machinery allow "Terra Group" cleaning company employees to remove old persistent and after construction dirt. Special post-construction cleaning developed technology helps to remove the dust, dirt, waste etc. in a short time.

  • Post-construction and after repair cleaning

    Post-construction and after repair cleaning is a difficult work because it is necessary to remove all the dirt accumulated during repair (waste, dust, contamination). In the case of large areas an unqualified specialist cannot accomplish individual this task.

    "Terra Group" cleaning company will come to the rescue! Our objective is after repair areas, apartments, houses, cottages, offices cleaning. We guarantee the quality and the efficiency of the after repair cleaning services of the areas and which we bring to ideal condition.

    Post-construction cleaning is easily accomplished by our company by means of special techniques, new technologies and qualified specialists.

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