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Terra Group company is one of the leading commercial cleaning services in the Republic of Moldova. We provide a full scale of professional cleaning services for all types. We service commercial, institutional and residential buildings, industrial departments. Whether you’re looking for a residential cleaning service, or a commercial cleaning service, we are the company you are looking for. Cleaning is carried out according to an individual scheme taking all specific features of the serviced premises into account. We pay attention to the optimum organisation of work, including such things as the use of our cleaning equipment, technologies, cleaning materials and our trained staff.


The long-term experience and the strategic partnership with well-known companies such as: Chisinau International Airport,BC Moldindconbank, BC Moldova - Agroindbank, BC Victoriabank , Moldtelecom SA, State-owned Enterprise “CSIR “Registru”, Moldova-Gaz, METRO Cash & Carry Moldova, and more than 30 offices of commercial agents are the best proof of the effectiveness and reliability of the company.

The basic difference of Terra Group’s activity from its competitors lies in the essence of the approach to organization of cleaning services according to the system developed specially for each particular client. The main principle our company is based on establishment of the entire process of professional cleaning on the customer’s premises.

Nowadays, the company has implemented a quality management system ISO 9001:2008, and it is in the process of accreditation of the International Association of Companies for industrial cleaning.

Terra Group company guarantees:

  • physical and information security for customers
  • a wide range of services including experienced and qualified personnel
  • high mobility and efficiency
  • work in accordance with state standards and with the requirements of the ISO 9001:2008  international standard
  • appointment of a professional manager responsible for the work on each item, etc.

Terra Group’s specialists and managers have received training in the British Institute of Cleaning Science. 

The General Partner of Terra Group is Karcher, the leading manufacturer of the professional cleaning equipment.

  • Post-construction and after repair cleaning

    Post-construction and after repair cleaning is a difficult work because it is necessary to remove all the dirt accumulated during repair (waste, dust, contamination). In the case of large areas an unqualified specialist cannot accomplish individual this task.

    "Terra Group" cleaning company will come to the rescue! Our objective is after repair areas, apartments, houses, cottages, offices cleaning. We guarantee the quality and the efficiency of the after repair cleaning services of the areas and which we bring to ideal condition.

    Post-construction cleaning is easily accomplished by our company by means of special techniques, new technologies and qualified specialists.

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