Cleaning of houses, cottages and apartments

"Terra Group" Company offers short-term cleaning services for apartments / houses / cottages and auxiliary spaces (cleaning of basements, attics, recreation halls, garages, technical spaces, gardens during summer time and winter time, swimming pools, saunas, etc.).

The specialist visit of the place, the cost estimation and preliminary recommendations are absolutely free!

The advantages of working with a cleaning company are:

  • maximum operative movement of the specialist to the required place (assessment and consultation, if it is necessary)
  • provision of quality services in short terms
  • providing services at any time convenient to you (24/24, no days off)

These are the following types of services to potential customers:

  • under contract - daily / weekly / by weekend / monthly
  • Special / on demand etc.
  • Apartment cleaning

The company guarantees:

The staff:

  • periodically pass the medical examination
  • complies with the ethical behavior rules in dealing with customers
  • works exclusively in uniform, with company badge and shoes fully covered after the European model, in good condition with no visible damage
  • is trained on personal hygiene
  • studies and enhances the instructions of using the equipment, inventory and chemicals.
  • studies the cleaning technology, flavoring and ionization rules for different types of spaces, etc.

Professional Technique (Germany):

  • the use of a low noise special technique made ​​in Europe

Professional Chemistry (Germany):

  • the use of chemicals and consumables with sanitary and hygienic certificates
  • the use of ecologically pure products (non allergic)
  • disinfection of premises
  • Post-construction and after repair cleaning

    Post-construction and after repair cleaning is a difficult work because it is necessary to remove all the dirt accumulated during repair (waste, dust, contamination). In the case of large areas an unqualified specialist cannot accomplish individual this task.

    "Terra Group" cleaning company will come to the rescue! Our objective is after repair areas, apartments, houses, cottages, offices cleaning. We guarantee the quality and the efficiency of the after repair cleaning services of the areas and which we bring to ideal condition.

    Post-construction cleaning is easily accomplished by our company by means of special techniques, new technologies and qualified specialists.

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